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The Meaning and History of Hayti

Hayti (pronounced "HAY-tie") is the name of the historic African-American community that is now part of the city of Durham, NC.  African-Americans named the community “Hayti” after Haiti—the first free, independent black republic in the Western Hemisphere.

Hayti was the first black community to become fully self-sufficient in America.  Hayti flourished from the 1880s to the 1940s and became known as the “The Black Capitol of the South.”  The original “Black Wall Street” referred to Parrish Street in downtown Durham and the historic Hayti neighborhood which was the heart of Durham’s Black Wall Street.

St. Joseph’s African Methodist Episcopal Church was built in 1891 which was the was at the center of African-American spiritual life in Hayti.  North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company, the largest African-American life insurance company in the U.S. was founded in 1898.  Mechanics and Farmers Bank, the second-oldest minority-owned bank in the U.S. was founded in 1908, Lincoln Hospital was built and staffed by black doctors and nurses, as well as a theater, a library, hotels and over 200 businesses. North Carolina Central University was founded in Hayti in 1910 and became the first liberal arts HBCU to be state-funded in 1925.

For more information on Hayti, visit the Hayti Heritage Center at: www.hayti.org

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Cary Wheelous is a tech entrepreneur that launched Hayti to aggregate news and information from black voices that need to be heard on a global scale. Where you can catch all the conversations, interviews, breaking news, business, entertainment, the Black Lives Matter movement and every matter that concerns you as it happens, when it happens!

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About Hayti

Hayti was founded in 2020, the year of the global pandemic (COVID-19), that closed hundreds of thousands of businesses across the country.

Our CEO, Cary Wheelous, thought it was a good time to start a new business due to a mix of necessity and opportunity!

Hayti is an app that highlights Black culture from Black publishers into one feed. Users can follow different sources and have them appear in their news feed, which is sorted by topic and publisher.

Hayti provides a unique opportunity for Black publishers to influence and disrupt the mainstream discourse and conversation around Black culture and lifestyle, by providing curated news and information taking place in our community.

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