‘Black Ink Crew’ Exclusive Clip: Alex Skips Out On Work After Donna’s Dustup During The ‘Circle Of Trust’? [Video]

Now in the aftermath, Donna's fiance Alex might be siding with his wife-to-be and missing work.In an exclusive clip Cease is seen wondering about Alex's whereabouts and the rest of the Black Ink crew is just as confused as him."Since Chace Village no one's heard from Donna," says Ceaser in a confessional. "We do have Alex on the schedule and now he's basically late?After noting that talking to Donna is like "talking to a brick wall", Ceaser had this to say;"As far as I'm concerned, there's no real reason for her to be here. She only sees her side and no one else's and at the end of the day her side is a twisted delusion."

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